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It's Time to Grow Your Business

A simple process to build trust and increase sales

Smaller dealerships have limited resources for growing and expanding their business opportunities. Our company specializes in offering suburban and rural dealers marketing programs that help build their online presences and work with traditional and engagement marketing programs to enhance visibility in the community and create more showroom traffic for more sales opportunities.

We do three basic things:

1) Highlight your team’s performance in sales and service departments
2) Offer social proof your dealership provides a better customer experience than your competitors using social media reputation marketing channels
3) Provide engagement marketing strategies to drive more traffic to your dealership with our Marketing Plans that have the potential to boost sales 10%, 20%, or more



On a regular frequency, we offer clients a marketing plan for a specific promotion, event, or internal morale and brand building program.  We target different groups, leverage seasonal opportunities to make sure things are fresh, engage local organizations and work to make your dealership stand out from the other “me too” advertising programs.

The plans provide a step by step guide to plan, implement and execute the strategy for a successful promotion.  When additional point-of-sale materials or advertising specialty items are called for, you have the option of enlisting our team to assist in fulfillment, or you can use any other resources of your choosing. Our team is available to provide guidance and answer questions about any of our marketing plans.   Costs will vary and the decision to implement any of these programs rests with the dealership.   If your dealership wants something special our team can assist in that area too. . . just ask!


Social media channels have lots of noise and most of these platforms were not designed for advertising. More consumers are using ad blockers in their Internet browsers making it tough to get any message heard, especially when it is “the same old car dealer pitch.”  This is where a targeted program focused on message delivered in a warm and friendly tone reaches consumers and in-market auto shoppers.

We believe there are not any bad advertising channels. Effective advertising is about sending the right message on the right medium to the right people. Since most customers live within 18 miles of the dealership, most efforts in engagement marketing should be targeted at the local level and use a combination of media and social channels.


There’s no shortage of auto buying prospects; you just have to engage them, get your message heard, and show them they can trust you to take care of them during the buying process. If you run commercials that are typical dealer fare, most of the viewers will perceive you as a typical car dealer. If you are not a typical car dealer then you need a new approach to change how people perceive you.


Because our programs are ‘non-exclusive” and are working on a network concept, we are able to leverage economies of scale that can bring in “professional resources” in a very cost-effective fashion. Because our competitors are reading this right now we can’t share any more details here, but when you contact us we’ll be happy to share highlights and the real value of implementing a holistic program to match your dealership’s culture and market.

What are you waiting for?  Call us at 216-712-6712 to get the details on this program.

Quite simply, we validate good dealers who care about their customers, their employees, and their communities.engagement-marketing