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Do You Need Help With Your Marketing?

Answer these questions to get a better perspective on your marketing initiatives

Please review these questions about marketing programs. If you answer YES to most of these questions, then you are set for sales success. If you answered NO to a few of these and would like to hear more about how we help local and regional dealers with limited budgets make a bigger splash in their markets, then give us a call at (216) 712-6712.

1. Do you currently have a strategy to bring more women buyers into your showroom?

2. Do you have a dynamic blog where informative content is curated and created for your customers and shoppers?

3. Do you have a program that helps educate and inform car shoppers on the best way to shop for and finance a vehicle?

4. Do you have a branded video channel that provides exclusive content for your dealership?

5. Do you have a program that highlights the great service your employees provide for your customers?

6. Does your dealership provide “social proof” that your shopping experience is better than your competition?

7. Do you have promotions that specifically target and draw in Veterans, Pet Lovers, or Senior Citizens?

8. Do you offer your customers a simple way to share their dealership experience with their neighbors?

9. Are you providing valuable content on social media channels that engage consumers and differentiates you from the competition?

10. Do you publish a semi-annual or quarterly branded magazine that highlights your people, your business, and helps to promote your activities in the community?

11.  Do you offer a program that helps local groups raise funds for worthwhile community projects, while at the same time builds your brand and name recognition in the market?

12. When vendors call to pitch the next big thing, do you have an experienced marketing person who will vet these vendors to ensure what they are offering is appropriate for your store and your market?


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