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Marketing Network Services

Choose From a Menu of Services To Fit Your Market

The Dealer Marketing Network program provides a combination of project credits and flex hours every month to put the marketing energy where dealers need it. Our team works with dealership management to plan the best use of that time for maximum impact and productivity.  While we will share our thoughts and make suggestions on initiatives, the projects selected must be approved by the dealership decision maker.  When marketing budgets increase, we offer additional hours and projects based on the dealer’s goals to increase their presence in the market.

  • Social Media Enhancement – Create social media content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Engagement Marketing Programs to build community floor traffic
  • Vendor vetting to determine the value of marketing related sales pitches and offerings. (please ask for details on how this works)
  • Create a dealer blog: originate and curate content
  • Development of Point of Sale Materials to reinforce brand messages and create up-sell opportunities
  • E-Commerce Strategy Development- Create three month, six month, or one-year plans for digital marketing
  • Website monitoring and audits to gauge effectiveness of digital spending
  • Custom Landing pages- create more links and improve SEO
  • Event Planning – Unique events to boost visibility
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Ad specialty programs to raise visibility, boost morale and engage consumers
  • Create video channel specifically for dealer promotions and educational videos (Not YouTube)
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Access to Hollywood Talent for commercials and local events
  • And more. . . lots more!


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