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Auto Shoppers Think Car Dealers Are All The Same

We have a strategy to help you stand out from the competition.

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Implement Creative Marketing Plans that Drive Showroom Traffic

Fresh marketing strategies to drive local engagement, drive more customers to your showroom, and make employees proud to be a part of your team.

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Sales Teams Build a Word-of-Mouth Network in Just Months

And that means more referral business and greater profits

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Loyal Customers Build Your Brand and Increase Revenue

We build a powerful word-of-mouth marketing program for customer focused dealers

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Leverage Customer Loyalty

There is a big difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Loyalty requires relationships, not just a singular transaction. The more long term employees a dealership has, the more relationships take root, are cultivated, and harvested again and again.  Carfolks works with dealerships to provide the tools and engagement opportunities that help them maintain and grow a loyal employee team.

Empower Your Employees

Every day more employees feel disengaged from their company and from their customers. Working in auto retail is challenging at times, that’s why it is critical to recognize team members for doing a good job. When customers post comments about the great performance of individual sales or service professionals, they take more pride in their efforts and work a bit harder the next time to ensure great customer service.

Simple Social Engagement

We all know the importance of being good neighbors. Now that auto buyers have the ability to instantly post any comments they want on social media channels, it’s important to ensure dealership employees are polite, act responsibly, and strive to offer each customer the utmost in respect and patience.  Carfolks then makes it easy to post customer comments on social sites recognizing a great customer experience.  Read More

A Leap of Faith

Carfolks is built on faith based principles to help auto dealers focus on the things that really matter in life; our spiritual health, our family, and our community.  In an industry not known for its integrity, we offer social proof  that reassures customers, employees, and the community that your dealership operates at a level where you truly value these relationships,  and work hard to serve your neighbors in a helpful and straightforward fashion. Read More


Auto buyers are looking for local dealers who care about their customers.

Consumers are calling the shots today and dealers must provide a great buying and service experience to earn their business and loyalty.

Carfolks.com offers the most comprehensive, cost effective, feature packed solution to show auto shoppers that dealers care about them, their employees, and the customer experience.

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